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"The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a CHOICE."

Students at Ideal Coaching

Our Students at Ideal Coaching not only are expertising in studies. But also they are retrieving the live source of motivation from it. As every aspect of living life is required for proper development, Students are suggested, guided and intsructed accordingly. To enjoy is a motto of every one and lacking which parents and teachers stood far away from the hearts of students. Here all aspects are respected without ego and student enjoys being a part here. We celebrage festivals, do meditations and play Educational Games. Know more about Activities and much more experiences what students feel about Ideal Coaching...Just Click

STUDENT Anushka Tikarya
STUDENT JPiyush Shindey
STUDENT Adarsh Gupta
STUDENT Praveen Mishra
STUDENT Adarsh Shivhare
STUDENT Antra Agnihotri
STUDENT Sundaram Agarwal
STUDENT Aman Agarwal
STUDENT Abhiyanshi Tikarya
STUDENT srijan
STUDENT abhishek

Covers all subjects, maths, physics, commerce, ..etc

For all English medium classes.

Maximum 8 students in one batch.

Sundays on.

5 demo classes at start.

Free extra classes during Exams.