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"The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a CHOICE."

general image of studentsThese days coaching trend is as usual as having a cup of tea daily for students. But the choice of selection is left over friends, relatives and famousity of a coaching center.Still hesitation,shyness, etc..are such effecting factors, that student is not getting benefit out of what he is investing, weather its money, time, or mind.
Being an MBA, and a spiritual aspirant, I made a choice to get started with a coaching center, as a profession. But its not all about to earn money only. My main aim to have this window, is to call those aspirants who want to learn the art of learning. All students possess the talent within, just t he confidence and the interest, are main reason, lacking which, a student goes door to door for guidance. read more

Students Views

general image of students Its very important for people to know, about the experiences one receives and changes one feels within, after being medicated. Then only that dispensary is followed by others.As what is best suited to one own self is being dictated to others. Students just love to be a part here.Here in Ideal Coaching, see what students feel and explore about there own progress. read more

NCERT Solutions

ncert solution No doubt , there are tons of sites displaying solutions to NCERT syllabus. But all have just dumped material and left sorting on students, making access a complexed procedure out of there pages. Here in , the material is made user friendly keeping in mind the comforts of students. Complete material is sorted and a click away from students. read more


all subjects Covers all subjects, maths, physics, commerce, ..etc

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maximum students in a batch Maximum 8 students in one batch.

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