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"The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a CHOICE."

These days coaching trend is as usual as having a cup of tea daily for students. But the choice of selection is left over friends, relatives and famousity of a coaching center.Still hesitation,shyness, etc..are such effecting factors, that student is not getting benefit out of what he is investing, weather its money, time, or mind.
Being an MBA, and a spiritual aspirant, I made a choice to get started with a coaching center, as a profession. But its not all about to earn money only. My main aim to have this window, is to call those aspirants who want to learn the art of learning. All students possess the talent within, just the confidence and the interest, are main reason, lacking which, a student goes door to door for guidance.
In IDEAL coaching, studies and personality development goes parallel. A student here enjoys the best of his life's time, and learns those aspects in which he was week since years. Teaching could be done anywhere , but a good teacher is one who graces his students with confidence and the interest to learn more.
You might have heard about the challenge the schools portrays,that they have a fun full,or play full, environment to teaching. But at the same time after admission, owner's greed snatches all fun from students. And what you see is if fun exist, there is no teaching at all. Means a combination with strict rules and regulation and fun are very difficult to get coincided.
IDEAL coaching is famous for this, where fun and management are both balanced, in such a way that even a poor student or a student lacking interest, grows in speed.

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Krishna Kant Singh Bundela